Writing Techniques in Poetry of Pornchai Saenyamoon

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Panadda Kammahome
Sarapee Khowdee


This article aims to present the analysis of the writing techniques in four poetry works by Pornchai Saenyamoon namely ‘Jai Thammachart’, ‘Ruedoo Jai’, ‘Jai Patjuban’, and ‘Hi! So-cial’.

          The results show that Pornchai Saenyamoon used seven outstanding poetry writing techniques including (1) Thai octameter poems (2) two, three, four, and more than four alliteration (3) four types of puns i.e. repeating words, using antonyms, mixing words, and playing with repeated words (4) five types of figure of speech: simile, metaphor, personification, onomatopoeia, and hyperbole (5) punctuation in poetry (6) two techniques of storytelling which are diary and flashback (7) hidden humor. Every technique as mentioned not only creates beauty in the art of literature and imagination, but also emphasizes the core messages that Pornchai wishes to present, particularly the world views or viewpoints Pornchai Saenyamoon is holding towards the world and his surroundings


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