Crossing Social Borders and Crossing Lingo-Cultural Borders : A Case Study of Doi Inthanon's Country Song

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Maneerat Ragphuan



           This article aims to study the social boundary crossing and the lingo-cultural boundary crossing in Doi Inthanon's Isan country song by using the concept of social boundary crossing and lingo-cultural boundary crossing. Socio-economic changes in the era of globalization influenced the image of crossing social boundaries and crossing borders of lingo-culture in the Isan country song as follows: 1. Crossing social boundaries: 1.1) cultures of Mekong river bank of Thai-Lao, 1.2) crossing rural, urban and foreign social boundaries, 1.3) crossing borders of society of Thai country song  and Isan country song. 1.4) social boundary of urban and country song; 2. crossing culture and language borders, namely, 2.1) Isan-Lao dialect, 2.2) Isan- Suai (Kui), 2.3) Isan- Southern Khmer dialect, 2.4)  Isan-Northern dialect, 2.5) Isan-Southern dialect, 2.6)  Isan-Tai Yo dialect, 2.7) Isan-Phuthai dialect, 2.8) Isan-Thai Phuan dialect, 2.9) Isan-Yuan (Vietnam) dialect, 2.10) Isan-Lao Song dialect, 1.11) Isan-Laos So dialect, 2.11) Isan-Lao So dialect, 2.12) Lao-Chinese dialect, 2.13 Isan-Mon dialect,  2.14 Isan– English dialect.  The contact of language plays the role of composers and artists as Isan wisdom. Communicating knowledge and understanding of Isan society and culture clearly show the concepts of composers and artists and create support for applied culture to be beautiful. The beauty is conveyed through music to the society that is valuable to the mind and creates value in the business of reginal folksong and modern Isan country song.


Keywords: Lingo-Culture, Social Border


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