The Jataka Tales of Maha Vessantara - Kumara Chapter: The Heroism of Phra Vessantara in the Point of Myth

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Ath Ditisood
Kanchana Withchayapakorn


The purposes of the study was to study orders, meanings and values of messages from the spiritual adventures  of Maha Vessantara Jataka - Kumara Chapter in the tales regarding the Joseph Campbell’s concept of heroic adventures in the point of myth. The five tales studied were Mahajati Kham Luang, Kap Mahajati, Rai-yao Maha Vessantara Jataka, Kumara Khamchan, Kumara Khamklon or Kumara Khampleng. The result revealed that Phra Vessantorn had spiritual adventures following to world’s ideas that were the beginning of spirit’s journey from the World of a Common Day and The Ulimate Boon or the end at taking elixir or magical stuff. However, Phra Vessantorn’s adventures had the difference from the world’s ideas that was the explanation of developed spirit to achieve goals of Buddhism’s concept and that spirit had no return to its lower level.  In addition, the messages of adventures of Phra Vessantorn showed the heroism from the seven - performing meritorious acts: wisdom, loving-kindness, determination, patience, truthfulness, equanimity, and generosity. The generosity was especially a valuable message of Maha Vessantara Jataka - Kumara Chapter in every tale; moreover, this meritorious act highly focused on self – sacrifice for a good cause and detachment of worldly conditions for long-lasting happiness of oneself and society.


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Ditisood อ., & Withchayapakorn ก. . (2022). The Jataka Tales of Maha Vessantara - Kumara Chapter: The Heroism of Phra Vessantara in the Point of Myth. Wiwitwannasan Journal of Language and Culture, 6(1), 209–233. Retrieved from
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