Remarkable Talent of Using English Transliterated Words in The Best of Eulogy of King Rama IX Reward “Lilit Akhra Silapin”

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Wichetchay Kamonsujja
Warawat Sriyabhaya
Orathai Piayura
Warunya Yingyongsak


    This article aimed to investigate the presentation strategies of using English transliterated words, using English transliteration as the prosody, including using English transliterated words related to its content in the eulogy of King Rama IX “Lilit Akhra Silapin” (Lilit of the Supreme Artist). The results revealed 3 types of using English transliterated words which were; 1) the transliterated words were directly interjected in the verses, 2) using transliteration in the verses and fallowing with extended words that had similar meaning for obvious understanding, and 3) using transliterated words in the verses with providing the footnote. Subsequently, using English transliterated words according to the prosody indicated 4 types which were using English transliteration as Rai Suparp, Klong Song Supap, Klong Sam Suparp and Klong  Si Supap. Moreover, using English transliterated words related to the content to present 5 aspects about the King’s remarkable talent which were painting, sculpture, handicraft, photography, and musical aptitude. These characteristics resulted in the literature of “Lilit Akhra Silapin” was the masterpiece which deserved the best eulogy reward.


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Kamonsujja, W., Sriyabhaya, W., Piayura, O., & Yingyongsak, W. . (2022). Remarkable Talent of Using English Transliterated Words in The Best of Eulogy of King Rama IX Reward “Lilit Akhra Silapin” . Wiwitwannasan Journal of Language and Culture, 6(2), 113–136. Retrieved from
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