Errors Analysis in English Writing of The Second Year Students in Biology Major, Faculty of Science, Buriram Rajabhat University

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Chayuda Chantapidta


This research was a case study which aimed at Errors Analysis of the Writing. The samples were the Second Year Students from Biology major by selecting purposive sampling, The Faculty of Science, Buriram Rajabhat University who took 0002203 English for Academic Purposes II course in the second semester of an academic year 2021. Writing introducing yourself were used as the research instrument. The data obtained was analyzed by using the percentage. The research results showed that there were 17 types of writing errors found in writing introducing yourself. A total of errors were 278 marks. The highest errors were in spelling mark 18.34 %. The second rank was in modality 17.26 %. The third rank was in gerund 15.82 % and the lowest rank was in collocation, wrong word choice, word order and wordiness 0.35% .


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Chantapidta, C. (2022). Errors Analysis in English Writing of The Second Year Students in Biology Major, Faculty of Science, Buriram Rajabhat University. Wiwitwannasan Journal of Language and Culture, 6(2), 155–178. Retrieved from
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