Love Snare and Manhood in Novel ‘Blood Ring’ of Phongsakon

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ํYupawadee Ardharn


This academic article aimed to analyze the significant relationship of power of male and female in the novel entitled ‘blood ring’ of Phongsakon. The study showed that the plot had showed the domination of female over male, and the domination of female over male come from the ability to instigate the emotion and, demeanor of female who made a man to get in snare of love and subsidized, at the same time, the female character was overpowered by male through love. In addition, the male character who was the non-human being was characterized as normal human who was the handsome man, endowing with lofty, bewitching manhood, and protecting woman. It presented the mind of character of non-human being who was not revengeful, forgivable for the past mistake and letting oneself on, who tried to correct the past mistake, and this showed the image of manhood and showed that the gender having the role in creating goodness and way of thinking of the character as well.

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