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Bunsanoe Triwiset


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The 21st issue of seventh volume of Wiwitwannasan included nine articles in total from various writers.

The first article was ‘Linguistic Strategies and Representation of Thai Youth in The Commemorative Book for Thai Youth Day 2023’, which looked at presentation of structure, which was a framework for study.

The second article was ‘The development of the learning management THAMNONG model with multimedia to promote rhyme reading skill based on critical thinking for gifted students at the upper secondary level’, which aimed to discuss and clarify the model of learning THAMNONG together with multimedia to promote skill of oral interpretation of poetry based on the thinking for excellence to compare and investigate the relationship and significance.

The third article was ‘Preferences of Compare and Contrast Conjunctions Used in Business News Articles’, which was a research that applied the critical mind to study the preference of compare and contrast words in the headline of business news to look for the conjunction of comparison and contrast for critical study.

The fourth article was ‘Modal Pop Music: A Case Study of Lady Gaga’s Music’, which revealed that the modal theory was the motivation to the next generation of composers of musical lyrics.

The fifth article was ‘Linguistic Devices in Portraying Ideology of Femininity toward Chommanard Book Prize’, which purposed the framework of linguistic strategies, usage of word, phrase, discourse in eight types of strategies. 

The sixth article was ‘Soft Power Discourse of Thai Government’, which used the concept of critical discourse as a framework for study from the beginning to the end.

The seventh article was ‘Perception of Word Meaning Caused by Epidemic Influence of Corona Virus Infection 2019 of Students in Grade 9, Nakhon Ratchasima Province’, which aimed to study the perception of meaning for both persons who were inflected and uninflected by disease.

The eighth article was ‘Figurative Language in a Specific Socio-cultural Context Used in the Bridgeton’s Drama Series Season 2: The Viscount Who Loved Me’, which attempted to study the figurative speeches to be used with the qualitative and quantitative data.

The ninth article was ‘Book review on Ecolinguistics: language, ecology, and stories we live by’, which attempted to generally study Ecolinguistics in context, literary, worldview, application in practice.

In this volume, the readers were invited to open Wiwitwannasan to read, scrutinize, analyze, investigate, and criticize its contents.


Bunsanoe Triwiset


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