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Sumalee Boonrueang
Phra Anothai Kataponyo (Aunruen)


Using dissolution measures for political parties in Thailand has remained a political issue. Due to political reasons or the blind spot of the laws, the political parties have been dissolved easily. As a result, the political parties and various political factions try to use the mechanism of the dissolution of political parties to fight and eliminate other political opponents. This method does not follow the path of democracy, causing political conflict by being partisan. When the Constitutional court ordered the dissolution of the political party, although the law requires the Constitutional Court has the authority to order the dissolution of political parties into the offense, it is a distrust that limits the rights of citizens or not. Because in truth, people who are members of the party are inevitably the owners of that political party. However, the dissolution of the political parties between 1998 – 2020 or for 22 years, 110 political parties have been dissolved by using the Organic Law on political parties. The number of political parties that have been dissolved equals the political parties that still carry out political activities today.


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