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Khamphiraphap Kongsumruay
chanathip sritho
Kaenpetch Phaengsipol
Thanakorn Chusukserm
Witoon Thacha


This article presents self-learning management strategies using social media after the emerging disease era.  The study results show that social media is an educational and communication tool without borders.  It allows everyone to communicate more freely, save time and travel expenses, and create new businesses all the time, including the sources suitable for seeking various types of information.  If people apply social media appropriately, it will be an essential strategy to develop themselves.  Self-learning will help people to know what strengths they have and in what areas they should improve.  It helps people have more systematic self-treatment than ever, know what to do first and what to do later, have patience and attention to self-learning, and find new learning resources beneficial to themselves, including sharing experiences with new friends.  With self-learning, people can increase their learning skills in the 21st century after the emerging disease era because they understand the changing situations of the world society.  Various teaching methods help people increase digital technology skills, resulting in learning together with other sciences to develop themselves.  It also helps people have a greater understanding and empathy for others, know their risks and the organization's risks, and have a vision that benefits from learning with new sources for self-sufficiency in the future.


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