The Strategic Management of Coca-Cola and Starbucks Company

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Sukhumpong Channuwong


This study aimed to analyze the strategic management of Coca-Cola and Starbucks Company, which are the most successful companies in the global market. Success of these two companies is based on the good understanding of organizational environment and culture, marketing strategy, assessment of market trends, and analysis of competitors as well as social responsibility and social reward. Strategic management is a positioning of the organization in its competitive environment and then formulating and implementing strategy. Managers of these companies develop and maintain a keen understanding of the environment, in which their organization operates, from general economic conditions to the specific actions of competitors. The results from this study were found that in order to survive and to prosper, organizations need to manage their strategies, structure, resources and behavior carefully. Managing an organization’s strategies includes analyzing environment, setting goals and objectives, and formulating and implementing strategies. When these multiple strategic processes are effectively integrated and managed, an organization is well positioned for long-term survival and prosperous operations.


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