Problems in Learning Japanese of the Business Administration (Japanese) Program Students, Faculty of Business Administration, Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology

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Wanwimon Roungtheera


Faculty of Business Administration, Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology, has developed the Business Administration (Japanese) Program in 2007. The content of the program mix up between Japanese Language courses and Business Administration courses. The students in this program are required to take 8 courses or 24 credits of the required basic Japanese courses, starting from their first semester. The students who fail on any of these courses are unable to go on or to continue their studies in the program. Since passing or failing in Japanese courses in this program is a very important thing to the students, TNI is trying very hard to organize a very well excellent curriculum, textbooks and teaching materials as well as providing the appropriate teaching-learning techniques and activities to the students. After one year of managing the program, the evaluation of the program is in need, in terms of a research on learning problems of the students. The main purpose of this research was to find out learning problem of the students in 3 main areas: curriculum, teaching-learning process and personal problem. 135 first year students were used as the samples of the study. Research results showed that learning problems of the students in all aspects were at low level.


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