The Causal Relationship Affecting on Job Performance of Employees: A Case Study of Automotive Parts Manufacturing

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Pontip Intarukha
Boonyada Nasomboon


     The purpose of this research was to study the causal relationship of transformational leadership, participative leadership and Japanese management affecting on job performance of employees. A sample is employees in automotive part manufacturing company 400 samples. An instrument of questionnaires for collective data and selected by stratified random sampling. Data were analyzed using frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, verifies causal relationship by path analysis, fitting of model and empirical data and interview with Japanese and Thai 5 top executives.

     The results showed that transformational leadership, participative leadership and Japanese management style directly affected on job performance 0.590, 0.588 and 0.631 respectively at 0.01 level of significant. And the transformational Leadership, participative leadership and Japanese management style affected Job performance by passing through the mediator of work engagement data showed a good fit χ2 = 0.174, χ2/df = 0.174, GFI = 1.000, AGFI = 0.997, RMSEA = 0.000. And research result also showed that Japanese management indirect affected job performance via the mediator of work engagement at 0.01 level of significant, direct effect is 0.203, indirect effect is 0.254 and total effect is 0.457. The results of interview with Japanese and Thai executives confirmed accord with quantitative research results. The organization has policy to promote and support managers to be transformational leadership, participative leadership and the organization has continuously Japanese management style which transmitted from the head company in Japan.


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