Work Motivation Related to Employee’s Retention of a Commercial Bank in Bangkok Metropolitan

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Tanatcha Subsingthong
Vichakorn Hengsadeekul


   The objectives of this independent study were: (1) To compare the retention of employees in a commercial bank classified by personal factors. (2) Work motivation related the retention of employees in a commercial bank. A sample group was 313 employees of a commercial bank in business branch area, Bangkok. The research instrument used to collect the data was a 5-point rating scale questionnaire. The statistics applied for data analysis included descriptive statistics, Independent Sample T-test, One Way-ANOVA and Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation Coefficients.

   The results found that (1) Most of the sample employees were female aged 20–29 years old, Bachelor's degree education, 1–3 years of working experience and earning 10,000–20,000 Baht a month. (2) The levels of work motivation and employee retentions were high in overall. The hypothesis test found that (3) personal factor regarding different, work experience resulted in different employees’ retentions with a statistical significance of 0.05. (4) Work motivation in overall related the retention of employees have high-level relations in the same direction with a statistical significance of 0.01.


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