The Effectiveness of Advertising in Real Estate through Facebook by Using Retargeting and Lookalike Audience Tools

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Kasika Chawanvarakiat
Tiwa Park


The study of “The Effectiveness of Real Estate Advertising on Facebook measuring by Retarget and Lookalike Audience” The objectives are 1) to study the effectiveness of A/B Testing advertising towards consumer behavior 2) to identify the effectiveness of Retargeting advertising if the implementation benefits sales, measuring by Lead generation 3) to study the effectiveness of Lookalike audience advertising on Facebook. Experimental Base Research was used in this study. Media purchasing data was collected through Pattra Home Facebook Fanpage: in order to study the effectiveness of A/B testing, Retarget, and Lookalike Audience through Facebook platform.

The research of A/B testing identified the differences of consumer behavior which help entrepreneur and marketers to recognize their targets. Consumers were classified into three segments which are 1) Business owner, individuals who are in management level and interested in investment 2) Luxury Lifestyle – individuals who spend their money on luxury products 3) Broad Audience – individuals who have no specific interests. The purpose of this research can identify 3 parts: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. The findings indicated that A/B testing was able to identify 2) Luxury Lifestyle had the most interest in purchasing a house which price are higher than 20 million Baht when consider on the efficient cost of the engagement implementation (0.06 Baht per engagement). The research also showed that Retarget and Lookalike Audience are significant tools to reach customers effectively.


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