Comparison of Platform Advertising Effectiveness Affecting Princess Connect Re: Dive Game Download on Android Mobile Operating System Through Digital Marketing Tools Google Ads and Facebook Ads Mobile Online-Game Case Study Titled “Princess Connect Re: Dive.” The Case Study Ini3 Games Co., Ltd.

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This experimental-based research targeted to study Comparison of platform advertising effectiveness affecting Princess Connect Re: Dive game download on Android mobile operating system through digital marketing tools Google Ads and Facebook Ads Mobile Online-Game Case Study titled “Princess Connect Re: Dive.” The Case Study Ini3 Games Co., Ltd.

The Data collection consists of The Google Ads experiment, which uses the Google Ads engine through the Google Display Network (GDN) search engine, and the Facebook Ads experiment, using the Google Display Network (GDN) search engine. Banners with Google content (Google Ads) success can be measured by the number of applications installed (Install) and the cost per install (Cost Per Install).

The results showed that The Google Ads platform is more effective at generating installs than Facebook Ads, and Google Ads can also make the cost per install application (Cost Per Install) cheaper than advertising on Facebook (Facebook Ads). However, both platforms are communication channels that help create awareness. motivate and lead to an opportunity to generate sales.


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