Development of English Reading Comprehension Skill Package by Using Mind Mapping Technique for The Learners in Private Higher Education Institution in Nonthaburi Province

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Chittra Chantragatrawi


The objectives of the research are to develop English reading comprehension skill package by using mind mapping technique for learners in private higher education institution in Nonthaburi, to compare English ability before and after using the learning packages, and to study the learner’s satisfaction to the learning packages. The informants are 198 of all 4 years students from 3 private higher education institution in Nonthaburi. The instruments are the developed learning packages, the English reading tests and the questionnaires. The data analysis is from the effectiveness of the learning packages (E1/E2) based on 75/75 criteria, mean, S.D. and pre-test and post-test scores, and the effectiveness index of learning achievement score and the score of satisfactory. The result shows that 1) the learning packages are effective as the mean of the tests while learning is 77.01 and after leaning is 78.67. The score of post-test is higher than of pre-test and the satisfactory to the learning packages is in high level.


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