Naga and Underworld: Belief Development in Buddhist Perspective


  • Vordech Miseangruthkul Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Nakornrajasima Rajabhat University


Underworld, Nagaraja, Hinduism, Buddhism


          These beliefs that come from the four guardian of earth, the guardian direction gods, and astrology, etc., have long been in the Thai society, combined with the belief that the ghost of the superstitious superstition and astrology of Thailand, in addition to the high god in the Hindu are Trimurti ,These gods are also the goddess, demi-gods, or inhuman beings who follow Hindu Brahmanism into Buddhism, and some are popular and worship in modern times, such as Giant, Gods An Angel of guardian ocean etc. Especially celestial Naga serpents was said as a Bodhisattva in Bhurithata Jataka’s story.

         The Ideal of celestial Naga in India and Thai Nagaraja were different stories but the same as plots such as Nagaraja has or has not a crest but it will has divined diamond or jewel crown  on its head and it can transform a human. Especially the Naga’s king Daughter away transform as beautiful women. There are in Mahabharata, Ulupi the daughter of Kauravya Naga’s king was praised by Arjuna, that she was most beautiful than all his consorts. This is influential plot appears on Thai folktales by Hinduism. Otherwise, The Naga is the helpers of the world (four directions gods) in the care and protection of Buddhism.In demi-gods  travel or stay in Himapan forest but All Nagas stay in their lands , the Nether world “Patala loka” such as in the Bhurithata Jataka Jatakas and all Thai folk tales, there are Sangthong, Sudhana Manora, Sinhakaibhob ect. Which is Thai model wisdom mixed with Northern and North Eastern folklore, such as the superstition of heaven the secret town and the nether world of Naga in the mixed ASEAN styles.




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