An Eating Food and Ethical Values in Theravada Buddhist Philosophy

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Mae Chee Dhammadhisthana Pornbandalchai


This article entitled to study a concept of Eating Food and to analyze an eating food and ethical values in Theravada Buddhist Philosophy. Biological perspectives assert that human feeding behavior is only physical. Because eating reflects the DNA in the body that needs certain nutrients. not from a desire which is a mental feeling at all Even social biologists consider this to be reflected primarily through changes in physical conditions. But social biology has further considered that necessity through the relationship between food-eaters and food-eaters whether it is appropriate or not. In the event that the parents eat the meat of their children Such an idea may come from the idea that Eating is a behavior that stems from physical or social needs that are viewed through the nature of how people are involved in society. From this point, social biology considers this through psychic relationships. Although the Theravada Buddhist philosophy is viewed as Food is just a tool for life. But it is also an important tool for bringing into consideration the higher value of life. By creating the value of eating that can lead to mental development. and if separated between eating and eating food apart Theravada Buddhist philosophy emphasizes the appropriateness that should be considered. “How food is obtained” is important. This is because humans should eat a proper diet rather than eating as needed.


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