Analysis Supreme Administrative Court's judgment Case The property of President in Rajabhat University

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Rajabhat University is a higher education institution as a juristic person under the law on university establishment. According to the Rajabhat University Act BE 2547, which was formerly Rajabhat University. It is an educational institution which transfers knowledge in the field of teacher production to society. Until the reform of education. With the national law of education in 1999. The educational institution of the state where the degree is organized is a juristic person. The result is Rajabhat University. At that time, the status of Rajabhat Institute was elevated to a university. The Rajabhat Institute Act BE 2547 was promulgated in the following order. At that time, 41 of them had a university status.

The highest commander of the Rajabhat University is the President, who holds the university's authority. Under the laws, rules and regulations, and under the supervision of the Council of Rajabhat Universities. Acquired the rector of Rajabhat University since its inception in 2004. There is no problem in interpreting the age qualification of the rector. Continuing with the order. Until the Supreme Administrative Court laid down the principle in the Supreme Administrative Court's judgment No. 651/2561, the appointment of the President of Kanchanaburi Rajabhat University should be revoked as it is over 60 years old, even if it is a judgment in force only in the case. But the main thing that the Supreme Administrative Court has ruled that the person who will be appointed as the rector must be not older than 60 years will have impact on the other 30 Rajabhat universities because all Rajabhat universities under the statute. In the same way, how long does it take for a superintendent to be shy of up to 60 years? Because of the past, many Rajabhat Universities are recruiting. Some of the presidents have managed the university until the end of their term. Some are in the process of performing their duties. The verdict of the Supreme Administrative Court is such a shame that the President is over 60 years old.

The judge dismissed the nomination of the rector over the age of 60 years that occurred in the judgment of the case of Kanchanaburi Rajabhat University. If viewed in the form of a court of law, it depends on the control of the law. In this case, we will consider the legal basis for justice or as it should be. In this case, the court judges on the basis of information and the law as a case, because the defendant sued the case. Not fully factual and legal. This issue is also a question that needs to be answered. The population of the Rajabhat nation. It is important for any supervisor to come to the university. And the court ruled it so lawful ? In this case, the personnel in the educational field should analyze.


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