The Guideline Development of Innovative teaching Materials for Citizenship Development

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ยิ่งศักดิ์ เพชรนิล


The development of citizenship awareness of the youth was important in present.  There were requirement such as skill, knowledge, attitude and moral embodiment. The educational media suitable of the age and interest of the youth was the significant factor in reaching the goal. By researching into the issue, the educational media need to be attentive to the audiences which was the youth. Also, the media need to focus on analytical thinking in citizenship relate matter. In part of the content, the media must include the morals and ethics of humanity, law and social norm often found in daily life. In part of skill, the ability needed in adaptation to the current environment and life goal achievement required skill. In part of attitute, the development of selflessness, responsibility to self and others including the greater good. These result were derived from systematically working research and could be used as a guideline in developing proper educational innovation for the youth within and without general educational system, in order to develop them into good citizen of the country despite present time social dynamics.


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