Ageing Society Management : Lessons learned from Japan

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ดร.ดำรงศักดิ์ จันโททัย


This article aims to explore Japans, theoretical and practical approach to Ageing Society Management, as she has long been experienced in this matter, in order to apply this understanding in Thai society, as well as in the ASEAN which will be fully Aged Society in the near future. By conducting field research in both rural and urban areas in Hokkaido Island; Tokyo Metropolitan Region; and Okinawa Prefecture during 10-24 May 2015, with qualitative data gathered from academics, government sectors and elderly people, This research found out that Japan’s emphasis in encouraging an active and quality ageing program mitigates the socio-economics challenges and consequences. It’s clear that the pension fund and health care insurance scheme together with community initiative arrangement projects which focusing on an Age-Friendly Community, and the Local Government supportive measure equipped with elderly participation in an appropriate way, is the main contributor to this approach while her discipline toward ageing society management becomes more integrated, Gerontology is one of those factors that becomes more attractive and applicable. Such a valuable and fruitful program, can be learnt and applied in Thailand.


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