Political Leadership of the Secretary General of the Future Forward Party

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นวภัทร โตสุวรรณ์
Kabkaew Ponyathai
Jaturong Suthawan


               This article aims to study the political leadership of the Secretary of the Future forward Party. In the period starting from the day that Mr. Piyabutr Saengkanokkul, the secretary of the Future Forward Party, participated in the founding of the party on March 15, 2018 until October 6, 2019, which is the date on which the Future Forward Party acted symbolically in opposition to unrighteousness in the October 6, 1976 event. This research is qualitative research, based on articles, newspapers and information from various media. The research instruments were the questions that are closely linked to the objectives, which questions to be pronounced within the framework of the research process, and descriptive statistic about the issue of political leadership. Powered new social movements including to instil the concept and ideology of democracy on Mr. Piyabutr.

          The results of this research were as follows : (1) Issues related to the political leadership of Mr. Piyabutr a political leadership remained high. He has demonstrated the characteristics of a leader of thought. The power to create incentives to convince the public and others to be reassessed and accept political expression in their own position. (2) Issues relating to driving a new social movement. He can bring a new generation into power to drive change as a social movement in a new format that a melting pot of people from different social classes. This process is not moving terms of the political process or be involved in the mechanisms of the state. Including the creation of a claim of interest in any way. It is in the nature of the process that gave rise to the rule. The new rules provide to society (3) Mr. Piyabutr has instilled the ideas and ideals of democracy. Created by a party in which people participate in the creation and design of mass political parties. The nature of such a party. Aimed to recruit members Ideology gather as much as possible the conditions for democracy to be determined. Which caused a political phenomenon, the political context in which Thailand has no overlap with the image of political parties in the past.

                        The recommendation of research is a studying of Political Leadership of the Secretary General of the Future Forward Party in important issue, which believe that there are many interesting questions that have not been studied. The purpose of this study is to primary data, which resulting in lack of insights. The suggestion for future research through in-depth observation. Participate in or join a new future party team. This may give you a better understanding of Mr. Piyabutr. This will contribute to further research.


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