A Legal Proposal for Addressing Air Pollution from Forest Burning

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Weerayut Homchaen


This study is qualitative research and there are objectives to review.           A legal framework of forest burning regulation of ASEAN countries, including Thai law relating to forest fire control, as well as recommendations to improve Thai law. The research methodology consists of documentary research and in-depth interview. Early approach includes studying, analyzing and gathering on the concepts and theories from many sources such as, researches and of articles, as well as summary on academic seminar, in-depth interview of relevant state authorities and local people.

  The results of this study provided that Thai law regarding of forest fire control could be classified into four groups: burning prohibition, forest fire provention, area restriction, and public participation. Nonetheless, the current legal measures were unable to address air pollution from forest fire, there werve issues on both law and legal implementation. Therefore, the research focuses on comparative study with ASEAN legal frameworks as guideline to improve Thai law  There were wide range of recommendations such as making negligent forest burning illegal, encouragement of public participation as well as an expansion of  juristic person liability.     


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