A Study of Chinese Phonetic Errors and Chinese Phonetic Teaching for the First Year Undergraduates of Chinese major Srinakharinwirot University

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quan yang
Hathai Sae-Jia


This paper explains in detail an attempt to teach Chinese phonetics and correct pronunciation for the first year undergraduates of Chinese majors in 2019, Faculty of Humanities, Srinakharinwirot University. The negative transfer of mother tongue, wrong pronunciation method, wrong pronunciation position and unclear understanding of self-pronunciation level were found to affect the first year learners’ phonetic errors. On the basis of teaching activities in four aspects of Chinese initials, finals, tones and spelling training, this paper adopts graphic method, listening and speaking method, contrast method, game teaching method, tone discrimination method and pronunciation training to guide the learners to master pronunciation skills systematically, and the learners' Chinese pronunciation has been clearly improved. This highlights the feasibility and effectiveness of teaching Chinese phonetics for the first year undergraduates majoring in Chinese at Srinakharinwirot University.


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