Information System Concept and Development of Musical Instruments Documentation of Ethnic Groups in Thailand

  • Phodchara Suwannaphachana Research Institute for Language and Culture of Asia
  • Niyanan Sampao-Ngern Research Institute for Language and Culture of Asia
Keywords: Information System, Musical Instruments Documentation, Ethnic Groups


                 In digital era, the concepts and practices of information system of knowledge management play a key role in musical instruments research, it can solve the big data problem and manages digital data at most efficiently. The musical instruments documentation is one of digital knowledge management that is to collect digital data of musical instruments of ethnic groups in Thailand in a holistic way, to analyze the influence factors of digital technology on traditional knowledge management, and to design and development musical instruments documentations by actively participate with the ethnic groups. The result of the study shown that the values of musical instruments of ethnic groups are more than just sound-producing objects, but the relation of concept, behavior, and sound that are diverse music-making in digital socio-cultural context can be reproduced, contributed new knowledge in anywhere anytime. So the musical instrument documentation can offer researchers and stakeholders as a information system not only manages the digital information system of musical instruments of ethnic groups in efficiency, but also create ethnic musical culture literacy in rapidly changing society.  


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