Development of Symphony Before 1750


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Symphony, Music Development, Baroque Period, Classical Period


In the Middle Ages, the word symphony referred to music that comprised of a chordal instrument or two lines, or more instruments. Later on, in the Baroque period, composers mostly constructed symphony with string instruments subsequently added woodwind and brass. In the Classical period arose the word “symphony orchestra” in which had a specific pattern. Major composers in this era, Franz Joseph Haydn, whom many considered as “Father of the Symphony,” had composed more than 108 symphonies. The standardization of symphony orchestra continued to develop since the Baroque period. Italian composers made it popular throughout Italy and afterward spread throughout Europe. Germany composers also absorbed the practice. Soon after, the Mannheim School in German thrived prominently during the second half of the eighteenth century and became the center of the music scene in Europe. This article focuses on the development of symphony before 1750, year of the pass of Johann Sebastian Bach which marked the end of the Baroque period and embarked on the Classical period.


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อภิชัย เลี่ยมทอง, Conservatory of Music, Rangsit University

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