The Development of Pianist's Hand Independence for Improvisation using the Analysis of Aaron Goldberg's Solo Composition SHED with the Application of Drumset Practice Concepts.


  • Kom Wongsawat College of Music, Mahidol University


Aaron Goldberg, Improvisation, Time Signature 5/4


          The focus of this academic research article is to analyze the rhythmic usage of Aaron Goldberg’s piano solo improvisation in his composition SHED. He composed this tune in 5/4 time signature with left hand playing ostinato, while his right hand is improvising different rhythmic elements in which both hands are playing independently to each other. Which gave the freedom for both hands. This character of rhythms can be found in drum set exercises that try to improve hands independence. These playing techniques of piano and drum can be developed and created more exercises, that can improve the pianist’s hands independence for solo piano improvisation.


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