Doctoral Music Composition: From Hanjiang to Chaopraya for Orchestra


  • Nattawut Narawutthichai
  • Narongrit Dhamabutra Faculty of fine and applied arts, Chulalongkorn university


Classical Music, Music Composition, Symphony Orchestra


          Doctoral music composition: From Hanjiang to Chaopraya is a contemporary programmatic composition for orchestra telling a story of the Chinese who emigrated from China and settled in Thailand. The composer combined the characteristics of Eastern music idioms and Western music orchestration, employing musical languages of two nations, Teochew Chinese music and Thai traditional music, as the main compositional material. The composer studied Teochew music literature, focusing on music for Chinese string ensembles and Chinese operas, as well as classical music repertoire, specifically Romantic program music and modern classical compositions by Asian composers who adopted similar principles. This composition is based on themes from the Chinese opera Chao Jauin Yuan and Thai traditional song Chin Keb Buppa, which are then integrated with modern compositional techniques for orchestra.


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