About the Journal

The purpose of the journal
          1. To disseminate Article in the field of Sciences, Humanities and Education.
          2. To be a center for exchanging knowledge academic opinions on social sciences, humanities and education of the academic and internal academic faculty.
          3. To encourage experts, professors, scholars inside and outside the institution disseminate quality academic works.
          4. To provide academic administration in the form of academic journals.

Focus : RTNA Journal of Social Sciences, Humanities and Education has the policy to publish high-quality academic articles. Contributions from instructors and students in those fields both inside and outside the academy are welcomed.

Scope: The articles will be published in the journal. Must be an article with content in the following fields:
              - Government Politics
              - International Relations
              - Law
              - Social Development
              - Administration
              - Management
              - Philosophy and Religion
              - Curriculum and Instruction
              - Educational Administration
              - Educational in Measurement and Evaluation
              - Educational Research
              - Higher Education
              - Educational Statistics
              - Educational Psychology

Peer Review Process: Articles submitted will receive a double-blind peer review by at least three readers with relevant expertise. (Double-blind review)

Types of articles: Research Articles or Academic Articles

Language: Thai or English

Publication Frequency:  The journal is scheduled to publish annually (January-December).

Publisher: Royal Thai Naval Academy