Publication Ethics

for Editorial Team

  1. The editor must carry out an initial evaluation of the article's format and completeness, as specified.
  2. The editor must select the article for the peer review process on the basis of the significance of the content, originality, clarity, relevance as well as consistency of the article.
  3. The editor must decide which of the articles should be published based on results of the expert's evaluation and the quality of the article.
  4. The editor must neither disclose the information of the author and the reviewer to a third party during the review process, nor disclose the content of or any information relating to the article before publication.
  5. The article discovered that it has already been published elsewhere in journals or conference proceedings must be rejected for publication.
  6. When plagiarism with concrete evidence is discovered, the editor must ask for clarifications from the main author. If no proof based on theoretical evidence and data is provided, the editor must reject publication of the article under suspicion.

for Reviewer

  1. To maintain confidentiality, the reviewer must not disclose the detail of the article and that of the author to other people, throughout the review process.
  2. The reviewer must not involve any conflicts of interest related to the author, for example the reviewer is a co-author which may be unable to do the review and provide comments freely.
  3. The reviewer must agree to do the review with the relevant area of expertise.
  4.  With enough evidence and data to support comments, the reviewer must do the review based on the provided criteria, i.e., the significance of the content, the clearness of the objective, and the relevance as well as consistency of the article. In addition, the originality and the quality of the article must be assessed.
  5. The reviewer may ask the author to add extra literature reviews or significant research works that should be mentioned in the article.
  6. If the plagiarism with adequate evidence is detected, the reviewer must notify the editor and decline to publish the article.

for Author

  1. The article that will be submitted to the editorial team must be newly originated and has not been previously published in another journal.
  2. The submitted file must be in the required document file format.
  3. In case of the research article, the researcher must give the real research findings without the distorted information.
  4. The academic article must be produced from related literature review, criticizing and academic opinion expressing.
  5. Only references that appear in the article are shown and must be in the bibliography order.
  6. The name indicated in the research article must be a person who actually takes part in the research operation and the editorial team will consider the possibility of content and operation.
  7. The author must indicate a conflict of interest in the article. (If any)