Thai Scholarly Journals and Open Access

  • ชาตรี วงษ์แก้ว Information Science Programs, School of Liberal Arts, Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University
Keywords: open access, scholarly journal, electronic Journal


Conceptual framework of Open Access (OA) means free access to information or giving the right for open publication. OA concept has been applied in journals for more than twenty years because of the development of Internet technology. The development of OA affects the types of OA scholarly journals such as Gold OA and Green OA, the electronic Journal (E-journal) system, the business model of OA publishers, copyright management and right permission via permission contract, operation process for the reliability of journal websites, etc. Therefore, it is important for researcher or users to understand the scholarly journal types for the better practices in OA journals operation in order to enhance the Thai academic journals to meet the criteria of international standards


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