Cross-universal information learning, and Behavior Imitation the love culture of Thai Youth in Higher Education Institutions

  • วชิราภรณ์ สังข์ทอง Foundation of Educational, Faculty of Education, Loei Rajabhat University
  • ปิยวรรณ คุสินธุ์ Information and Library Science Program, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Phetchaburi Rajabhat University
Keywords: love culture, cross-culture, information learning, learning and imitation


This article was aimed to reflect the impact positive and negative of Cross-universal information learning, and to explain behavior imitation the love culture of Thai Youth in Higher Education Institutions. That have written explanations about understand the theory of love, the kinds of love, the consequences of love; to occupy creative learning and imitation; to choose the way of life in accordance with the mechanism of love in the post-modern period; or choose the way of life upon awareness of the value of Thai love culture, which looked much boring but more secure and happier than relationship with strangers that would bring them some problems all their entire lives.


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