Citations of Srinakharinwirot University Theses in History

  • ชาคริต ชุ่มวัฒนะ ภาควิชาประวัติศาสตร์ คณะสังคมศาสตร์ มหาวิทยาลัยศรีนครินทรวิโรฒ
  • เปี่ยมสุข ทุ่งกาวี Department of History. Faculty of Social Sciences. Srinakharinwirot University
Keywords: Citation analysis, History, Theses, SWU


The purpose of this study is threefold: (1) to examine number of references, type, content, age and language of the cited documents in M.A. theses and Master’s reports in history of Srinakharinwirot University, (2) to assess the relevance of cited materials and their availability in the Central Library, and (3) to investigate scope of the academic writings carried out by master’s students in history of Srinakharinwirot University during 1969- 2016 which include 287 titles. Collected data is presented by frequency and percentage.

The results reveal that 287 titles have 65,494 references in total. Referred documents are about 6-10 years old and most are presented in Thai. Other languages are English, Chinese, Burmese, Khmer, and Japanese. It is also found that 69.36 % of citations are already published primary resources and published documents which are not available in SWU’s Main Library. As for library resources, only 30.64 % of books or secondary documents mentioned as citations can be found in the library catalog databases. Most are concerned with the history of Early Rattanakosin Era (275 titles, 95.82%), history of Ayudhaya Era (9 titles), Thonburi Era (2 titles) and Sukhothai Era (1 title).


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