Librarians Baby Boomers Tell Another Generation

  • สมปอง มิสสิตะ Sanamchandra Palace Library, Silpakorn University



 The librarians’ baby boomers are currently retiring from the libraries. They have a different educational background in the curriculum and they are reflective practice which is the ability to act on their own with new tools of high information technology and the internet. In addition, the librarians Baby Boomers are hard worker, fighter with high endurance and self-confidence. Their professional achievement can combine with their foundation of work which means to accept new perception, to keep open mind to receive new things into the learning lifetime and not to deny their own responsibility. Moreover, the concept of learn is the importance of learning new things, unlearn which is not sticking to what they have learned, relearn which is learning what they have known in a new perspective and identify the future, are the responsibility of all people in the organization. Furthermore, retain the knowledge and the current technology experience of the people in the organization, give them opportunity to learn and inherit knowledge in the cycle of knowledge of management process which will be a great contribution to the organization.

Keywords: Librarian; Baby boom; Generation; Knowledge management


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