Challenges Librarians and Informationists are Facing

  • นพรัตน์ พนอพัฒนาชัย Human Rights Information Center, Office of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand
  • นฤมล รื่นไวย์ Digital and Information Office, Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research,



     A Workshop on Challenges Librarians and Informationists are Facing was held by Thai Special Libraries Group (TSLG) with an aim of providing knowledge and raising awareness in the challenges of constant changes in disruptive technologies that have an impact and bring challenges to librarians and informationists. Sharing ideas about the development of information services and library management is a valuable learning resource and can meet users’ demand. 

The Workshop was divided into 3 sessions: (1) A lecture on Challenges Librarians and Informationists are Facing – This covers technological changes affecting librarians and informationists. Thus, librarians need to focus on using of more technologies and processes, for example, data analysis and data curation for further use to create value in library. (2) A forum on Challenges of Libraries and Learning Resources – This states the concepts in library services and learning resource development for library users of the AIS Academy, the Bank of Thailand Learning Center, and the Knowledge Center of the National Discovery Museum Institute. (3) A workshop on Challenges in Technology and Resource Management Librarians and Informationists are Facing – This is the open discussion group from the point of view of practitioners that shared by participants. The topics include participant’s experiences in proactively combating with challenges in managing technologies and resources, strategies and actions that are used to create value to learning resources in libraries in order to meet user’s demand.

Keywords: Library management; Learning resources; Library technologies; Data science



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