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This volume of the academic journal Wiwitwannasan is the first issue (January - April 2020) of the 4th year, consisting of 7 research and academic articles as follows:


King Chulalongkorn and the Concepts of Public Health is a research articles that aims at studying the ideas of King Chulalongkorn, Public Health through 10 royal writings. The finding makes it clear that apart from capability of King Chulalongkorn in almost all disciplines, even in public health, His majesty lays the foundation for Thailand's public health to be stable and progress to this day. This results in Thailand being recognized as a country with security in the sixth rank in the world.


Multidisciplinary Isan Wisdom in Health Care is a research paper that aims at analyzing multidisciplinary knowledge of Isan wisdom in health care as it appears in the Isan medicine manuscripts and to analyze the concepts, practices of Isan folk medicine doctor. The findings of the Isan folk medicine from the past to the present will take care of the health of patients by dividing patients into 3 groups: physical patient group, mental groups that affect the body and the group of psychiatric patients. There is also integration of concepts and treatment guidelines into holistic health care resulting in always good health of Isan people from the past to the present.


Themes in Contemporary Local Nirat Literatures is an academic article that aims at analyzing and criticizing four contemporary Nirat literature, namely Nirat Chiang Rai, Nirat Ubon Ratchathani, Nirat Bangkok and Nirat Surat Thani. The study concludes that the four local contemporary Nirat literatures are composed of 3 substances which are individual, social and culture and supra mundane beyond eyes, in which poets uses the form of Nirat poem to compose the poem. The content presentation has 3 characteristics which are description of condition and opinion, narration and reminiscing about love, because the literary texts have the same characteristics which are a contemporary Nirat literature.


Method in Thai Language Learning Management of Teacher Effecting Learning Process of Primary School Students is a research paper that focuses on development of guideline for management of Thai course of Thai teachers affecting the learning process of primary school students. The result of the research shows that If the teachers have teaching preparation that is based on the analysis of the learners, and know each student individually, and understand the course completely as well as enable to design learning activities using teaching materials as well as evaluation methods that are consistent with the educational objectives, teaching and learning of a teachers will never fail, nor they leave someone behind as seen in the present condition.


Using Folk Wisdom of Klang Muen Village, Klang Muen Sub-district, Mueang District, Kalasin Province is a research paper that aims to study and analyze the wisdom and process of the conservation of community wisdom in Klang Muen village, Klang Muen Subdistrict, Mueang District, Kalasin Province. The results of study make us realize that a village that cannot give a degree to anyone, in turn, it is rich in wisdom that is not a book that is abundant including wisdom in food, housing, religion, beliefs, traditions, handicrafts, culture, as well as wisdom in treatment and herbal medicine.


A Guideline on Conservation and Inheritance of Roiphansa Tradition: Tambon Nongbua Amphoe Mueang Kanchanaburi Changwat Kanchanaburi is a research paper that focuses on the tradition of "Rainy Song" that is forgotten and fades away under globalization that is moving fast and ferocious, which will swallow up to lose their cultural identity as well as searching for a way to preserve and inherit the said tradition to be able to stand against time. This is a great challenge for all involved, including individuals, communities, societies, as well as larger policy departments whether or not it is possible for them to preserve valuable traditions and to continue to breathe.


The tiny light of a firefly in the universe and the inheritance of teaching contents is a book review that focuses on poetry "Firefly Eyes" by Suphaphit Phon-amnuaiphon (Prim), a young female poet who is only 11 years old, who can compose poems in the type of Thai polite quatrain poem in a whole book and more surprising than that is the content in the poem emphasizes the doctrine, that is, one of the strong traditions of ancient poetry, if still being called up until today.


It was expected that the 7 academic articles mentioned above may help expand the perspectives and ideas for readers and interested parties as appropriate, which will lead to the development of specific academic tasks that may still be beneficial to others.


Bunsanoe Triwiset



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