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sinsup yuenyaw
Bunsanoe Triwiset


Editorial Note


The fifteenth volume has come a long way

May have been discouraged, but we did not give up anyway

Even though being tired and got sleep at night

Still we waked up early in the morning


When we are falling in love with inventing letters

in a deep trick, in hidden construction

As if being driven into a corner and fell into a trap

We, therefore, cannot be far away from life


Welcoming to various enquiries

In searching and reciting for writing

Critical analysis of ideas

To encourage wiwit to have aesthetics


We are not expecting much to reveal

Just for the space to discuss in the way

culture, language, tradition

Palm leaf, scripture, folklore


For human value and dignity

Wiwitwannasan confirmed the tactic to prove the result

In the midst of a wave that devours people

Corruption, public crisis


Bunsanoe Triwiset

Editor in Chief

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Editorial Note