Lao Krung Food, the Cultural Identity of Ethnic Group: A Case Study of Lao Krung in Tambon Huai Duan, Amphoe Dontum, Nakhon Pathom Province

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Pradtana Saeueng


This article studies the identity, changes and transmission of Lao Krung food in Tambon Huai Duan, Amphoe Don Tum, Nakhon Pathom Province. Data was collected from documents as well as by in - depth interviews, group discussion, and observation. Key informants are community leaders and local people (elders, housewives, youth and adult).

            The results show that the identities of Lao Krung food in Tambon Huai Duan are its authentic recipes and the use of natural ingredients found in the vicinity for cooking. Beyond nourishing the body, some food contains cultural aspects such as beliefs and wisdom of ancestors that inspire unity within the ethnic group. External factors affecting Lao Krung food identity are social and economic changes while internal factors include changes in consumption taste, village environment, agricultural technology, and local markets. Two guidelines are proposed for the conservation and transmission of Lao Krung food identity: the    establishment of Lao Krung cultural learning center in communities and the integration of Lao Krung food identity in school curriculum and  activities.

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