Potential Development of Offensive Marketing Strategy of Textile Handicraft from Lanna’s Ethnic Wisdom: Pgazkoenyau

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Ratthanan Pongwiritthon
Pakphum Pakvipas
Sutheemon Chongesiriroj


This research aims to study the potential development of offensive marketing strategy of textile handicraft from Lanna’s ethnic wisdom of Pgazkoenyau in Ban Nong Montha, Mae Win sub-district, Mae Wang district, Chiang Mai province, Thailand. The compositions of the study focus on general environment of the industry, assessing of the situation, and determining the strategy of offensive marketing. The study is a qualitative research applyng the multi-site multi-case research approaches of the area-based collaboration. Data were collected using the structured interview-form of key information for both in-depth interview and group conversation. Numbers
of key-informants by quota are 30 samples of female in the Pgazkoenyau’s community in Ban Nong Montha, who has an aptness with resources and potential knowledge of the tribal ethnic wisdom on textile weaving, that was taught from generation to generation. The group of women has the skills and expertise of textile weaving as well as ready to provide the information from upstream to downstream in the weaving fabric business. Findings from Lanna’s ethnic wisdom of Pgazkoenyau suggest that potential development of offensive marketing for textile handicraft should employ intensive development of offensive marketing by getting competitive advantages
from focuses on market development strategy, market expansion strategy, product development strategy, and supply chain management, starting from raw materials to customers, in order to acquire sustainable competitive advantages


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Pongwiritthon, R., Pakvipas, P., & Chongesiriroj, S. (2019). Potential Development of Offensive Marketing Strategy of Textile Handicraft from Lanna’s Ethnic Wisdom: Pgazkoenyau. University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Journal Humanities and Social Sciences, 37(3), 58–75. Retrieved from https://so06.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/utccjournalhs/article/view/177417
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