Developing Rubberwood Furniture Business through Business Networking

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Panarach Preedakorn
Supavadee Laudhittirut


This study’s objective is to discover the ways to establish rubberwood furniture business networks and strategic plan. Open-ended, semi-structural guidelines includes in-depth interviews with four key informants from several furniture association, and focus group interview with 15 participants involved with furniture business are used as data collection methods. The results reveal the structure of rubberwood furniture association networks, the waysto develop networks in rubberwood furniture business, the impact of ASEAN Economic Community on business, as well as the potentials of business networks. Recommendations on strategic plans are given as
guidelines for developing rubberwood furniture business networks successfully. These strategic plans consist of three main areas: (1) empowering business networks strength within the supply chain (2) promoting and emphasizing knowledge to the members of business associations, and (3) strengthening collaboration among government sector, academic institutions, and supporting industries.


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Preedakorn, P., & Laudhittirut, S. (2019). Developing Rubberwood Furniture Business through Business Networking. University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Journal Humanities and Social Sciences, 37(3), 90–107. Retrieved from
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