King Prajadhipok’s Institute journal  (Print ISSN  : 1685-9855, (Online) ISSN : 2730-3896) is an academic documents that has been published by collecting the academic papers and the researches derive from studying, analysis and evaluation. These writings cover various dimension of Politics and Governance and related Public Administration in Thailand. The journal is an important documents as a resource center that lead to further development and strengthen an academic potential for students and public.


Vol. 19 No. 1 (2021): King Prajadhipok's Institute Journal (January 2021 - April 2021)

1. Public Perspectives on Roles of Thai Government
2. Study of the patterns, methods and impacts of the election according to the new constitution case study Pattani Province
3. Research on Opinions on Sustainable Grassroot Economic Development Policy
4. Local Government Fiscal Sustainability: A Case study of Local Government in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand
5. Conflict Management from performing work of Teachers in Trang Province
6. The development of mediation in Thailand from the past to present toward the future
7. Process of Peace Building through Female Roles in the Circumstance of Violence in Asia: A Case Study of Aceh Province, Indonesia and Deep South of Thailand

Published: 2021-05-14

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ISSN (Print) : 1685-9855 , (Online) ISSN : 2730-3896