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                 The  effects of organic zinc    supplementation in layer diet on performance,  egg quality,     and antioxidant in yolk   was conducted  using  completely randomized  design. One hundred  and  twenty   commercial  layers of 29 week old were randomly divided into  3  dietary treatment groups then receiving T1 (control),   T2 (diet supplemented  40 ppm zinc) and T3 (diet supplemented 80 ppm zinc). The results have shown that   there were no significant difference (P<0.05) in hen weight,  egg production, egg weight,  egg mass, average feed intake, feed consumption per dozen egg produced,   feed efficiency per one kilogram egg,  survival rate,  Haugh unit,  egg shell thickness  and egg specific gravity.  Yolk color  were  11.96,  12.66 และ 12.67  (P<0.05).  Feed cost per one kilogram egg and feed cost per egg  were  29.13,  29.62, 29.04  baht/kg and 1.56, 1.60, 1.55  baht/egg respectively. Zinc  deposition in whole egg and TBAs value of yolk were not difference (P>0.05)  


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