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Biomass energy, one of the alternative energy which reduces fossil fuels is interesting, can be used to biomass fuel and dispose agricultural materials. Thailand is an agricultural country, there is a lot of biomass fuel, so it is appropriate to study the usage of biomass. Up-draft gasifier was designed in cylindrical combustion chamber. Producer gas obtained from burning in a biomass gasifier is hydrogen and carbon monoxide. It is used as fuel to burn clay products in ceramics kiln. The size of the combustion chamber is 0.77 meters wide, 0.8 meters long and 0.78 meters high, burned the clay products in the amount of 100 kilograms/day. The capacity of the biomass fuel tank is 0.086 cubic meter. From the study of the production of producers gas from the updraft gasifier using corncob, straw and bagasse as fuel, which are the agricultural waste of the community, Tha Maka district, Kanchanaburi province. To find out the heating value by using a bomb calorimeter indicated that the corn cob has the highest heating value of 9,013.958 kJ/kg. The community, Tha Maka district, Kanchanaburi province had a better choice to use corn cobs as fuel for ceramics kiln in the community to replace LPG. Burning clay products during the burning process the kiln can store heat well and save energy. The products have a uniform color. The color of the product is reddish orange. Burn with oxidation atmosphere at 850 degrees Celsius, the burning period was 6 hours.


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