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เลิศชาย สถิตย์พนาวงศ์
ศศิมา เจริญกิจ


Research was aimed to develop the basic green building materials assessment criteria regarding to the building materials: brick. The developed criteria was then examined within the three factories. The operations procedure was absolutely analyzed into three steps including the basic assessment criteria development, the 2nd step was the validity correcting of indicators followed by the green building bricks criteria assessment testing in the 3rd step. The result showed that the appropriate evaluation criteria should be proper by the follow: the focusing on the authorized and sustainable raw materials abundantly found in the local. The qualification criteria should be focus on the specific standard depending on the typical products, the other properties attended to energy and also safety features. The production and transportation were compromised based on the recovery process as well as the reduction of natural resources utilization and greenhouse gas emissions. Lastly, the removal criteria qualified based on waste management provide the non-affective to environmental impact. Moreover, the assessment was evaluated in 3 factories, that plant no.1 (non-standardized), plant no. 2 (standardize processing) and the last 3rd factory (standardized), processed the analytical score of 31.25%, 68.75% and 71.87 %, respectively. The overall score of plant no. 1 was less than half of all points. More than half scores of plant no. 2 and 3 were appeared within the term of raw materials, products properties and the removal criteria, whilelowest score was occurred through the production and transportation process. The production and transportation process of those plants should be improve according to the specific indicators leading to the most evaluated assessment passing and further standard certification submission.


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