TNI Journal of Business Administration and Languages
ISSN 2351-0048 (Print), ISSN 2672-9997 (Online)

 The policy of Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology (TNI) is to support the dissemination of research article to be useful in the development of knowledge base for society, especially in business and industry sectors. Therefore, the academic journal, namely the "TNI Journal of Business Administration and Languages" has been created and published.

Journal published for 6 months ( 2 copies per year) 

- Issue 1 January - June
- Issue 2 July - December

From January, 2020 or Vol.8 No.1 (2020) TNI Journal of Business Administration and Languages will be published in E-Journal only.

Vol. 8 No. 2 (2020): July - December 2020

Published: 2020-12-25

Factors Influencing the Viewer’s Exposure of Social Development Television Programs

Namphung Kwaipun, Suchada Koomsalud, Phattaraporn Timdang, Wannarat Sriratna, Angkana Soparattanakul


Relationship Model of Factor Effect Experiential Marketing for Cultural Heritage Tourism: Community Enterprise Baanrimklong Homestay

Phattaraporn Timdang, Suchada Koomsalud, Namphung Kwaipun, Wannarat Sriratna, Naruemol Soparattanakul, Angkana Soparattanakul


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