Published: 2021-08-31

A Synthesis of Research on the Roles of Monks in the East of Thailand during B.E. 2541-2560

Pattawee Sattayavongtip, Rungnipa Liang, Sathaphorn Painua


The Participatory Action Research of Community Empowerment in Aeko-Saenkumlue Village, Using the Contemplation-Oriented Transformative Facilitation

Somsit Asdornnithee, Sirichai Mongkolkiatsri, Wilailuk Kailast, Pariyaporn Tengprasert, Sutamma Dharmasakti


Body Appreciation as a Means to Protect Social Media Users from Body Dissatisfaction

Jennifer Yurchisin, Alyssa Dana Adomaitis, Kim K. P. Johnson, Haesung Whang