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Atikah Chapakiya
Anitthan Srinual
Wirot Kesonbua


An investigation of leaf blade and petiole anatomical characteristics of Gomphrena L. in Thailand including Gomphrena celosioides Mart., G. globosa L. and G. serrata L. The purpose of this research was to describe and assign anatomical characteristics to the species identification key and serve as a database of Gomphrena in Thailand. The methods used in examining were the epidermal peeling method and the paraffin method. A light microscope was used to study of anatomical characteristics. These findings indicated that the considerable anatomical characteristics for species identification are 1) shape and anticlinal wall outline of the epidermal cells 2) shape of midrib on abaxial side 3) the presence or absence of collenchyma in petiole and 4) the density of trichome on abaxial epidermis, highest trichome density was observed in G. celosioides (23 ± 2.57 trichome/mm2) and lowest in G. serrata (11 ± 2.31 trichome/mm2).            


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