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Yosita Charoensiri
Chumpon Patummakason
Shalermchon Tangwachirapan


This paper presents the Vivaldi Antipodal antenna 2.4GHz for wireless power transmission application based on the design of tapered slot antenna slender micro-stripe with bandwidth. The proposed antenna had the symmetric dissipated energy plane of electrical and magnetic fields, which was also easy to adjust the equilibrium of impedance.  In addition, the antenna was designed using computer simulation so as to obtain the parameters which are suitable for Wi-Fi communication. The simulation results showed that the antenna had the dimension of 75x75 mm. The material was a PCB of the FR4 type with the dielectric constant of 4.4, the operating frequency band with in the range of 2 – 6 GHz, a feedback loss of less than -10 dB, and a gain of 4.5–9.48 dBi.  The antenna had the directional energy dissipation and high gains which were good for wireless power transmission application, when connected with a rectifier circuit that acted as a conversion from AC power to DC power. A set of antennas at a frequency of 2.4 GHz would get a power factor of -20 dBm which can be converted converting to DC 0.913V, 20mA. The voltage from multiple receiver antenna units could be connected in series to increase the DC voltage and power.


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