Guidelines for Manuscript Preparation and Submission

The editorial team of Journal of Education Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University, The journal of Humanities and Social Sciences is pleased and greatly honored to receive the work of any prescribed academic, research articles in the fields of education and book review and related fields from everyone and every agency for getting published in  Journal of Education provided that it passes an evaluation by 2 qualified persons outside at least per article. For the convenience of the editors in manuscript consideration, manuscripts should be prepared and submitted using the following guidelines:
Types of Articles
          1.  Academic Articles
               An academic article is characterized by a scholarly analysis of the topic, a proposal of a new concept gained by an academic background collected from one’s own or others’ academic work, an article written to give knowledge to interested persons. An academic article addresses the statement of problems, purposes and recommendations. It provides an analysis based on the ground of a theoretical framework, research work and conclusions from sources, such as books, academic journals, the Internet, etc. An academic article also suggests guidelines for problem solving.
          2.  Research Articles
                A research article is a systematic report of the results of a research study. It addresses the statement and significance of the problems, the purpose of the research and the research methodology.
                A research article contains the title page, abstract and the contents of the article. The title page should include the following data consecutively: title, author, department, faculty and university. In case the author is a student, the following details should be included: degree program, major, university, advisory committee and the educational qualifications of the advisory committee.
                The abstract includes the significance of the study, research methodology (population, sample, target group, informant and sampling, tools and statistics used in the research), research results and conclusion. The abstract must not exceed 250 words in length. In case of a Thai manuscript, the author has to write the abstract both in Thai and English. The author also has to specify not more than 5 keywords.
                 For the contents of the article, start with the introduction chapter, which includes the statement and significance of the problems, the purpose and the hypothesis of the research followed by the research methodology including population and sample, tools, data collection and data analysis. The contents also include the results of the study, discussion, conclusion and acknowledgments (if any). Techniques and general methods should be explained in the materials and methodology sections. Results of experiments should be explained in the research results section. A comparative analysis of the results of an experiment and other researchers’ work should be written in the discussion section. The conclusion of the research study according to the purpose(s) should be written in the conclusion section.
         3.  Book Review
              Consider a detailed story format and writing about the advantages and disadvantages given the guidance to the readers know the value of that book. 
              The contents of a review article contain the introduction to address the interesting issue of the article before leading to each sub-issue of the contents and the conclusion to make a point. A review article also contains the recommendations for the audience to further consider other interesting issues.
              The author should check the contents that are relevant to the article thoroughly, especially the newest contents. A review article has to present the interesting development of a topic. The information presented must not be specifically directed to the audience in the field, but it has to be directed to a wider audience in other fields or understandable to advanced students.

Manuscript Preparation
           1.  For the Thai manuscript, the components of the research article or the review article have to follow these manuscript preparation guidelines. For Thai usage, follow the rules of The Royal Institute of Thailand for vocabulary and terminology usage. Avoid writing mixed Thai and English if not necessary. If necessary, write the Thai word followed by the English word in brackets by capitalizing the first letter of the first word and typing the rest using lower case letters. Capitalize the first letter of proper names. In case the same Thai words followed by the English words in brackets appear at several places in an article, write both Thai and English words the first time only; further use of the word should be the Thai word.
           2.  Type the article using Microsoft Office Word. Text is required to be single spaced on A 4 (8.5” x 11”) paper with 1 inch margins on all sides. The text must be in two-columns format and single-sided. Number pages consecutively.
           3.  For both Thai and English fonts, use the following formatting guidelines:
                3.1  Use 18 point TH Niramit AS font for the title.
                3.2  Use 16 point TH Niramit AS font for the name of the author and main topics.
                3.3  Use 14 point TH Niramit AS font for the sub-topics.
                3.4  Use 14 point TH Niramit AS font for all boldface.
                3.5  Use 12 point TH Niramit AS font for the academic title and the address of the author that are typed at the footnote of the first page.  
           4.  The length of the article should not be more than 12 pages long (including tables, illustrations and references). 
           5.  Tables, pictures, figures, diagrams and graphs can be inserted in the contents of the article in black and white or in color. Insert only the necessary ones and number them consecutively according to the contents. The names of the tables have to be typed above the tables. The names of the pictures, diagrams and graphs have to be typed below them with a brief and complete caption.  The image files have to be separated from the manuscript and attached as .jpg or .gif files. 
           6.  For the reference, use the American Psycological Association in version 6th edition following upper the menuscrip ---> GUIDELINES. 
           7.  The academic work sent to be considered for publication has not been previously published elsewhere and has not been under the consideration by any other journal.  
           8.  In sending the manuscript, the author of article can send at or at For more information, an inquiry can be made at Journal of Education Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University, Thailand. The Specail Professional Boonthin Atthakorn Building, First Floor, Office of the Academic and Educational Assurance, Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University, 80, Nakonsawan Road, Talad sub-district, Mueang Maha Sarakham district, Maha Sarakham province, 44000.  Tel. (+66)9-2557-4674 (Thailand).