1. To disseminate educational ideas and developments in related fields through academic articles and educational research articles on interesting issues. It is up-to-date and useful for both domestic and international education circles.
2. To present the results of experiments, research and research of the Faculty of Education. Maha Sarakham Rajabhat University and related educational institutions
3. To be a center for discussion on educational issues and problems to seek alternatives that are suitable for the conditions of Thai society between educational researchers academic scholar to seek alternatives suitable for the conditions of Thai society among educational researchers Educational personnel and interested persons as well as a source for disseminating research results at the graduate level
4. To be a source for disseminating academic work for the Faculty of Education, alumni, as well as educational personnel and general interested persons. Education journals consist of research articles, academic articles and book reviews. The publication of the journal is funded by the Faculty of Education. Members and general supporters.